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I figured the best way to start things off would be to introduce everyone to the rules. There not hard so I don't want to see them broken, If at any point you break one of these rules you will recieve a warning, the second time you will be kicked off.

This rp is for rpers of all levels. I need everyone to under stand that and be patient with one another, if there are any questions at any time please ask me. Now on to the rules.

Rule#1 : If you are interested in one of the main characters please post first as.. OOC/ Characters name.. and then give me a test posting as your character, if I give you the ok start posting when ever you like.
Rule#2 : If you are playing as either Naomi,Karasu, or Itatchy: When you start you MUST follow out the basic story and THEN you go to Dice. This way the characters meet and anyone else that joins can follow whats happening.
Rule#3 : No making fun of other users, or there characters.
Rule#4 : The only time swearing is allowed is if its the character speaking, but I want swearing kept to a minimum.
Rule#5 : No taking over someone elses character.
Rule#6 : There is no God characters every character has a weakness, no one character is all powerfull.
Rule#7 : Do not kill off anyones character
Rule#8 : ^^ Just have fun ok! O.O I made lots of rules!


OOC Characters are more than welcome! Like with every thing else though there are rules.

Rule#1 : All OOC characters must either be a "Youki" or a "sorcerer"
Rule#2 : Give the name/age/race/and description of your ooc character.
Rule#3 : Tell whether you are an Enemy or Ally of the main characters, if so is it to or against the protagonists.
Rule#4 : please post your ooc characters in the community and not in the comment bar.
Rule#5 : ^^ Enjoy playing as your character! This is a must!

Ok! Enough rules, even I can only handle so much! The following is going to go a bit more into the lives of the main characters, If at the end theres something you dont know please tell me and I'll clear it up. ^^Ok?

Naomi: is the only *human* in this rpg. Naomi comes from a long line of Ninjas and is extremely strong for a young girl of 16. Now, Naomi is a descendent of ninjas but she has never know her family, for some unknown reason Naomi was abandoned as an infint. Naomi has an attitude of some one who for the most part is out going and loyal, but once angerd and at a braking point she pulls a 180 and becomes very dangerous. Her allies are Karasu,Dagger and Itatchy. "{^^Theres always got to be lovers, this is where things get interesting, after a while Naomi likes Karasu,but he doesnt like her yet,{He will} but Itatchi does these are fun characters to play around with ^^ I wanna see where you all take this complicated love triangle}"

Karasu:, is our complicated *youkai*. Karasus' only living family member is his 8 year old brother Dagger. Along time ago Karasus' family and village was attacked by renagade sorcerers and were slaughtered, Karasu with the exception of three scars on his eye managed to escape the slaughter with his brother. Karasu is very one minded once he makes up his mind about something he doesnt change it, Karasu is also sarcastic and lets face it he can be rude at times. Karasu isnt a bad guy though, he can be very loyal and once under his protection you stay that way. Karasus' allies are Naomi.Dagger, and sometimes Itatchy.

Itatchi: Running away from home at the age of five because of abuse, Itatchi sees him self as not having any family. Being a *sorcerer* and being on his own Itatchi was taken in by a group of Renagade Sorceres who took him in and traind him to do there biding, and be grateful for new friends Itatchi still to this day will do almost anything for them, accept hurt Naomi, who he seems to have fallen for, and things get hecktic when an allie of Itatchis {Seeker} finds out who he ends up having a crush on.. Itatchi in this rpg is going to be a fun,interesting and difficult character to play. This is because Itatchis' allies are both the protagonists and the antagonists, Itachi is a character unsure of where he wants to be, noy quit fitting in on either side so he decides to be be on both. Itatchis' allies are Naomi, Karasu, Dagger, Maylin, Seeker, Davis and Shadow.

Dagger is an eight year old half breed {and the only one}, he is both *youkai* and *sorcerer* his only family is his older brother Karasu. Dagger being a half breed is part of the reason for his familes slaughter, sorcerers wanting nothing to mingel with their blood except their own. Dagger doesnt really understand quit what being a half breed is still only being a child, for eight years his only companion has been his brother. On the night of his families murder Dagger treid to bravely save his mothers life, but ended up with that scar on his cheak. Dagger is very shy, loyal and loving, but with both the pride of a youki and the determination of a sorcer Dagger will not back out of a fight if his friends need him. Daggers allies are Naomi, Karasu, Itatchi and Maylin.

Maylin is a *Youkai* and...an annoying character but that mainly has to do with her past, her parents dying in a war Maylin was adopted and raised by her older foster brother and had to take care of her own little brother, and had to deal with several issues of abandoment , her brother was given an opption once, her life, or her younger brothers. Maylins older brother chose her, and she was forced to watch her younger brother die { The killer was Seeker} even though he chose Maylin her brother put the death of the younger sibbling on her and eventualy abandond her leaving her with only one companion,her pet lightning ,after that Maylin continued to grow up alone, and has a soft spot for children. Maylins' allies are Karasu, Itatchy, some times Naomi { Maylin likes karasu also, no one likes her though.} and her best friend Dagger.

Seeker is our main antagonist, {and is a *sorcerer*} and what an antagonist he is. Being raised from the age of three by Shadow, Seeker was introduced to ware fare, death, and brainwashing. Being itroduced to Shadow was the worst thing to ever happen to Seeker, now being part of an old fashiond gang he follows out any order given tohim by his leader. At 17 years old Seeker was assighned the task of killing off a family who dared to bring a half breed to life. Succeding in bringing down the family Seeker still being young got arrogant and missed killing the two sibblings, and has been searching for them ever sence. Two years later Seeker was told to kill one of the two sibblings of another orphand family, and ended up killing the youngest one, acctually feeling regret affter killing the child Seeker was slashed across the chest by Shadow and was told " You shouldnt feel anything! It could end up killing you ya know," Ever sence that incodent Seeker has felt no emotion, except to his companions Itatchi and Davis. After being taken in by Shadow , the young Seeker took in the five year old Itatchi and raised him, and sees him as his little brother. Seekers allies are Itatchi, Shadow, and Davis.

Davis is nothing but a big kid *sorcerer*, not really allowing his past to bother him at all. Along time ago Davis and his vilage was attacked by a gang of Sorcerers and their leader, but in the process Davis lost his younger sister Aya. At first unaware of his sisters death Davis was asleep in his room, being awoken by a man wearing black {Shadow} the man actually taking an interest in the sleeping boy woke him up, when Davis sough the intruder he fought him as best he could, and actually did some damage, from there Davis was kidnapped and was forced to join Shadows team. Not really a killer at heart Davis is the most easygoing antagonist, and the most merciful, while willing to kill men, Davis refuses to kill woman and children{ to Shadows dismay}. Davis also has a gift of getting everyone to laugh no matter how hard core they may seem. Davis is an assasin who wants nothing to do with the title and would just rather have a normal life, with people who love him, Davis' allies are Itatchi, Seeker, and unwillingly, Shadow.

Shadow is an evil *sorcerer* and a vile character. Shadow is the leader of a gang of sorcerers called "say" {sorcerers against Yokai} the gangs main objective is to slaughter any Youkai, and any sorcerer who befriends a youkai. Shadow became leader by killing his prieviouse one, AT 10! Shadow grew up being a little loopy. At 10 and already addicted to power, Shadow will stop at nothing and go through anyone who stands in his way in attaining more.......Years later, we see this first hand.

Shadow slayed Karasus family not only because they were mostly youkai but becasue of Daggers birth, hearing that a sorcerer dared get a youkai pregnant sent Shadow on a killing sprey{sp} Not only was this childs birth a devestating blow because of his mix, but because this new infint may some day become a strong rival, no half breed had ever been born before, and this new development scared Shadow into killing off the family, even though his target exscaped.
When it came to killing either Maylin or her little brother, Shadow sent Seeker to kill one, because at that moment he was dealing with Karasus' family. Shadow wanted one of the two younger sibblings killed, mostly to to give Maylins older brother a message. "An affair with a youkai can lead to trouble"
When it comes to evil beings, Shadow wins by far. Not caring for anyone but himself {and maybe Seeker} Shadow will kill anyone and anything stupid enough to get in his way. Shadow is also a man of many misteries his oragins are unknown, as well as his age and most of his past. Shadow is a man bent on having everything his way. { I cant wait to see who claims him.}

^^ I cant wait to get started! Welcome everyone, to the world of DICE!