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sorry for the wait [Aug. 28th, 2005|10:41 am]
sorry about the wait :( but heres my character.its my own if thats cool with everybody..
Kyra Dayles, about 4,004 (but looks about 18-19)
she is a vampire demon. She is very wise,she came from a village of humans who she protected from other creatures.But she was cut off from her family line Because she feel in love with a human.Her family killed the poor boy,so shes off on a revenge quest.She is very beautiful.long black that cascades down her back,she has elven type ears,and claws for finger nails,pale ivory skin,dark green eyes. she's about 5'6 and her powers are She can summon fire,water,wind,natural and she can talk to animals.She also (if its allowed) has a black winged panther who follows her around. she is an ally by fate not choice.
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OOC/ I'll be playing Dagger [Jul. 23rd, 2005|12:00 am]
Hi there. I'm whitewolf17 and I've decided to take a character as well, and the character I have chosen is Dagger. This little guy is a cuttie and I just couldnt resist.

Dagger, as described, is an 8yr old youkai//sorcerer, with short white hair, green eyes, and a scar on his right cheek. This shy little guy can really kick some A$$ if provoked. Dagger of coarse is an ally with a really big heart.
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OOC/ The basics from the Modness [May. 13th, 2005|06:21 pm]

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Most of the things you will need to know will be in the user info page, but just to let everyone have a brief description, This will be based on a made up anime, I write my own stories so this rp will be based on a story I have created. This is "my own anime" rpg, those who are interested will be playing as a character that I have made up, along with some regular anime skills/life styles thrown your way, since no one knows my characters or the setting I will give a brief description of them here, The relationships between the characters and a description of their lives will be in the user info page. This rp is open to anyone interested in joining,^^ everyone is welcome.

Your story info:
The story takes place in ancient Japan, Humans live on earth, while youkai, and sorcerers, live on earth, but in another dimension on this land, only the youkai and the sorcerers know each other for the youkai and sorcerers have battled for years in seacresy in their own world unseen by humans a dimention called "Dice!"

One day the battle between the youkai and the sorcerers gets out of control, when a youkai by the name of Karasu is thrown out of the dimention "Dice" by a young sorcerer named Itatchi....Being thrown from Dice and left for dead Karasu believes his life has ended, until a passer by, {Naomi} finds him and takes him to her place to heal, upon returning home with the injured Karasu, Karasu unconsciously whispers the word "Dice" in his native tongue and the now passed out Karasu and the stunned Naomi are whisked away to a world of un known excistence and mysteries. Now!, enter the world of *DICE*

Naomi: No known family,age 16,long brown hair green eyes,she's friendly but can be dangerous when crossed and is very sarcastic. waepon of choice-katanas

Karasu: 1 little brother Dagger,Karasu is 18,he has short spiky blond hair except on the left side of his face his hair is a bit longer, hes got lime green eyes, has 3scars down his right eye,he is hotheaded and stubborn. Waepon of choice-Martial arts , a sword, and energy

Dagger:1 older brother..Karasu, Dagger is 8,hes got short white hair and green eyes,he also has one small scar on his right cheek, {different moms} mostly shy, but can become very angry and very aggressive when pushed to his limit. Waepon of choice- Magic and fighting stars

Itatchi:No family,he is 17,has short spiky Black hair and ice blue eyes,and has one freckle under his left eye, and a tattoo of a lion on his chest, hes Very sarcastic and rash jumping right into danger, he is also very strong, a good dancer and protective of any allies, and he is both a{protagonist and antagonist} waepon of choie- A long sword and magic

Maylin:she has 2 older brothers {only mentioned}shes 16,with medium dirty blond hair and one light brown eye, and one blue eye, she is very Bitchy, hot headed,arrogant, never knowing when to shut up,and whinny., her good characteristics include, being devoted friends, and being very over protective of Dagger. Weapon of choice- Her small pet dragon lightning {he uses lightning magic}

Seeker:He has no family but he does see his friends Davis and mentor Shadow as his family,he is 22,hes got short spiky brown hair with blond high lights and one blue eye and one red eye with a tattoo of a lion on the right side of his chest, and he has a scar across his heart, he is mystrious, smart, and strong.{Antagonist} Waepon of choice - Magic and a shakujou staff { ^_~ its a spear with spikes on it, sorta}

Davis: He has 1 little sister Aya-dead,he is 20 years old,he has long brownish reddish hair and deep blue eyes with a tattoo of a lion on the left side of his chest,{he is the comic relief in this story} he is Loud, funny, and immature. {Antagonist} weapon of choice- Magic and a spear

Shadow: Family un known, age un known, he has long black hair with red eyes, and two scars on his right cheek. He also has a tattoo of a lion with a crown on it, on the left side of his chest,he is quit, strong,and merciless. occasional sarcasm and good one liners. {antagonist} Weapon of choice- Magic, two long swords and a chain.

Well this is the short list and summery, because these are just the main characters and basic info on them. The relationships between the characters and their races is explained in the user info ^^ enjoy and have fun.
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