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sorry for the wait [Aug. 28th, 2005|10:41 am]
sorry about the wait :( but heres my character.its my own if thats cool with everybody..
Kyra Dayles, about 4,004 (but looks about 18-19)
she is a vampire demon. She is very wise,she came from a village of humans who she protected from other creatures.But she was cut off from her family line Because she feel in love with a human.Her family killed the poor boy,so shes off on a revenge quest.She is very beautiful.long black that cascades down her back,she has elven type ears,and claws for finger nails,pale ivory skin,dark green eyes. she's about 5'6 and her powers are She can summon fire,water,wind,natural and she can talk to animals.She also (if its allowed) has a black winged panther who follows her around. she is an ally by fate not choice.

[User Picture]From: whitewolf17
2005-09-05 04:50 am (UTC)
Ok everything sounds pretty good. I just wanna clear up that Naomi is the only human in the rp. Dice is where you would end up living. YOur revange I am assuming is to your family and thats fine. As for the you comming from a human village I'm not sure if that will work unless you make a post somehow saying you ended up on dice. ^^But I would love to have you here. ^^If you can find away to get to Dice then I'm glad to have you on bored, it seems fate has got you once again. Welcome.
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From: kirathejedi
2005-09-05 05:21 pm (UTC)


edit to the above...
the village of humans is where she was casted away because she was in love with one..(human) and her family hated them..so they killed her beloved and then send her away to live with them.So after the village is burned to the ground she leaves and enters DICE.sorry it might be kinda confusing
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[User Picture]From: whitewolf17
2005-09-12 04:36 am (UTC)
Thats ok as long as you can understand it and have others get it its fine by me. ^^Welcome to Dice my friend.
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